Saturday, December 1, 2012

Trip to the Bathroom

Our friend Walter posted this up on Facebook the other day--or I guess maybe it was today. Either way, this would be a session at an indoor skatepark I've never seen before, but presumably is in Austin, Texas, so let's not ask in a fit of delusion which third-ring suburb this park is in and whether they're True Ride ramps or not. Truth time: this edited like horseshit and the filming is AWFUL, but it features Seth Peterson, sole Team Dilly--So Cal chapter member Dan Shea, Devon Lampman, and the rarely-seen Chris Hudson. So if this is indeed a pile of turds, then IT MUST BE COATED IN GOLD AND RUBIES. Meet you down below.

CAPITAL ASSES from Walter Horton on Vimeo.

Let's pause and appreciate the fact that Chris does what look like normal tailwhips and then surfs them in the rawest way possible. SO SICK. That might read as sarcastic, but I mean it. Chris could easily not surf tailwhips, but chooses to. A Butcher homage, perhaps--Chris is a pretty art-enabled dude.

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