Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday Night Dinner

Look, I know that this is purportedly a BMX-related blog, but we need to talk about the MINNESOTA TWINS here! If you aren't into baseball, this is going to suck for you, and you should probably just look at Chrix's new fishing pole down below.

Yesterday I posted something about how the Twins had been disappointing me with lackluster off-season moves because I am an occasionally-paying customer that deserves to be catered to, and here comes today. BAM, DENARD SPAN gets shuffled off to Washington DC for what appears to be something a little better than the bottom of the barrel, pitching-wise.

Once more: appears to be.

The new fella's name is Alex Meyer. If skill level, club needs, outfield depth (we have more than we need, okay?), and just about every possible metric suggesting that Revere is a cheaper and better option for center field were negated it would be INSANELY hard to justify getting rid of a dude named Denard for a dude named Alex. It's not even close to 1:1. You know who's named Alex? My half-Asian roommmate from my freshman year at the U.

But I digress. This new pitcher with the vanilla-Jennifer-Aniston-khaki-Dockers name looks like this:

Looks like a right-handed pitcher to me, I guess.

I wish I had him here to confirm, but supposedly Denard Span was (is?) Brandon Morcomb's favorite ballplayer. Sorry dude!

Meanwhile, I expect his spot in center to be filled by Revere and then one of the lackey's from the 40 Man will shoot into right. Mastroianni, maybe? Who cares--none of them can hit, they field on an "ehhhh, okay" level, and that's all I really expect or care about. Plus dude, PITCHING. PITCHING!!! It's that big of a deal. So let's all celebrate and drink to our (probably temporary and fleeting) positivity to a not-90+ games-lost 2013 season!

To celebrate I'm going out to dinner with my girlfriend tonight. Not only that, but it's at some kind of fancy place out in Inver Grove Heights. Pool and Yacht Club, maybe? Something to that tune. We're going out to eat (AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, DRINK) tonight on her father's dime. LET'S SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

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