Thursday, January 26, 2012


Team Dilly member and pal of the dilly, Rod DiQuattro, just released this incredible web edit under the 'Hood Antics' moniker. Its hard to be so enthusiastic about a video I'm featured in without sounding arrogant, but god dang this video is good. I only have one clip fact it could be the last clip I ever film. Anyway forget my rambling and watch the video:

When Rod was here in Minneapolis, he had his camera stolen in a somewhat shadier part of town. This is a wonderful city free from much of the crime that plagues most larger cities with diverse populations, but ol' Rod really got the shit end of the stick during the few days he was here. I'm hoping he doesn't hold it against us and returns to visit some day cause THAT GUY IS COOOOL. I'm kind of drunk and rambling. This post is over. Wooooooooo!

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