Friday, January 20, 2012

Doo Dizzle

(photo by Tristan Afre)

Just spotted this photo of Devon Lampman on facebook. I thought it was cool and Devon is really cool so posting it was a no-brainer. Devon is the official team manager here at Team Dilly and is also speculated as one of the originators- possibly THE originator of the phrase "Team Dilly is the man", which is now the title of our upcoming DVD. Visual proof from our Myspace page:

HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THAT! It would seem that Chris Kowaleski AKA CHRIX was the first to post it. Will the epic debate ever be solved? Perhaps Chrix or Devon will post on here and clear the air.

Bonus photo pulled from myspace:

Hahaha. God damn. Alright that's enough already. Some other motherfuckers need to start posting again.

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