Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cosmic Bowling and Embarrassing Stains

Tonight was Forrest From Blueprint's Birthday celebration. We were going bowling which kicked ass because I like to bowl. I did not know that it turned in to Cosmic Bowling at 11p.m. nor did I care until I saw this coincidentally placed "detergent stain"

(It's really hard to see because it was dark in there)
The picture is taken from my point of view/upside down to you.

(Not pictured Embarrassing detergent stain on my chest and the back of my shirt
& Embarrassing detergent stain all over my face and in my hair)

This was particularly humiliating because anybody who knows me in person knows that I dress to the left and this stain just happens to be all over my left pocket. To add insult to cumstain I bowled a 126 or some shit like that, I'm no Parker Bohn III but I usually get at least a 130. I'm blaming it on the lane's oil pattern.

Happy Birthday Forrest

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