Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween in Texas: Goonies Never Say Die Edition

Look at these fags! On the far right (click on the picture, you can't see him in the shitty quasi-thumbnail) is Forrest Berkey, whom many of you won't know, BUT GUY LISTEN TO THIS: not only is he the newest member of Team Dilly, but motherfucker was in Blueprint too! Talk about pro status.

Devon pissed on pretty much everything, and Seth is the new Adambomb. "Where's the lemon citrus," you ask? For Seth, it was 69 sleeping on the couch with me.


  1. you guys all look really good.

  2. that was a damn fun night. there was still piss behind and under the tv when i got home last night, fucking devon.

  3. Hey, dicks, where's my photo credit?