Thursday, October 22, 2009

All settled in Austin

Moved into a house we finally got the internet set up so now that I can I'd like to let you all know that this morning I saw the biggest god damn cockroach I've ever seen in my life running around my room in which I currently sleep on the floor. So I did what anyone in this situation would do. I grabbed the empty fountain drink cup that I had from the time I ate at Pizza Hut Express at the Target about a mile north on 35 and set it on the ground (minus depressable drink indicator lid) knowing that this fat ass bug couldn't resist the temptation of the day old mountain dew syrup stuck to the inside of the cup, I scooped him up replaced the lid and set him free in our spacious back yard where he can use our hammock play some b-ball on our basketball hoop that has been cemented into a completely grass back yard and climb all over the clothes that we have hanging on the fence because when we use our dryer in smells like someone is setting their hair on fire. I'm having a great time and I miss you all

P.S. I don't miss Cody because I saw that asshole last weekend and I'll see him next weekend. We are going to ruin every dance floor in Austin. Also I got this picture off of Photobucket, that thing is quite a bit bigger than the one I saw.

Love you guys.

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