Monday, June 8, 2009

Today we have a special guest contributor, Tom Hanks. Make it funny Tom.

Hey Team Dilly Readers,

Sitting here at Penn Cycle. With the cool guys. Seth, Joel, MikeDorf, and Googen, who is a samurai. I just want to say I am a huge fan of Team Dilly and all that you stand for.

On a saltier note, I must say in the filming of Cast Away I did kill the pilot to get his shoes and Detroit Lions Starter jacket. My feet hurt a lot, and It was very necessary. Turns out the shoes didn't fit, but the jacket was money.

I fought Nazis in Europe in "Saving Private Ryan" which was a real treat for me. I wish Team Dilly would become a military fighting force because then World Terror would no longer exist. We had to beat the "Good Will Hunting" accent out of Matt Damon every morning before we started filming.

For the record I do not have AIDS, as mentioned in "Philadelphia." Mrs. Hanks is thankful for that. The lesions and hair loss were the result of a convieniently timed tape worm. One word of advice before I'm done, Dilly readers, do not consume raw or undercooked meats.

Good luck to all of Team Dilly, you guys truly make this world a better/safer place for everybody.

One more thing, I have a half full can of Mt Dew here some where and I want it back. I'm the best actor on 2 wheels or any amount of wheels, 4 wheels if I'm acting to be in a wheelchair. BOOM!

Thanks Tom, that was great.

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