Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bears with me here...

So i'm a contributing author on this here dillyblog. this is excellent. right now i'm sitting at work eating cheetos and drinking sun drop. it's another typical day at work, we're discussing worldly issues and getting screwed by 'the man'. Being blue collar rocks (authors note: i had to look up to make sure blue collar was the appropriate color; this is what i found. so yeah, blue collar it is). i don't honestly have anything useful to contribute i just kinda feel like making a first post here. you know, get my feet wet. maybe when i get home i'll add cool pictures of kevin delaney and of old riding pictures, maybe some sweet allover print T's and kick ass graphics. i wonder if kevin hates all of us yet? i sure hope not.

Alright, i'll cut it out for now. after that kevin picture i feel like i've served my purpose here for the day.

edit: tim just told us about seeing this on the today show this morning. Yeah, that's a baby's foot in another baby's brain. The whole article can be found here. IT'S NOT A TUMOR!

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