Sunday, January 18, 2009


waking up early on a sunday morning to go ride competetively isn't something i'm familiar with, nor are most people i know. My favorite description of it was "This must be what dave mirra feels like.". I don't remember who said it; maybe it was this dewitt.

Riding was fun, i'm sure kurt hamburgler will put up a vitalbmx or or something else video up soon, so if you want to see some footage of what it was like today, check that out when it's up. i didn't take any riding pictures becuase, well, i'm a poor photographer.

Some highlights for me were being on a team with pirate bmx and brandon morcomb. we went first; it was nice to get it over with.... pirate shredded obviously with his typical blend of one hand xup to barspin back drops off ledges; did some superman feebles and stuff. typical. next up was... dewitt? he killed it. then other people did other tricks, some pulled them some didn't. some of the pulled tricks i liked a lot were these 1 and 2 wallrides that cal did in his first run. moving right along, aj was going crazy, did a tailwhip gap to feeble on the grindbox, all kinds of dew tour tricks on the box, and was trying fivefortywhips on the 10ft. dewitt was doing some wiiiild wallrides too, pirate did an underhanded icepick down the rail, as well as a one handed ice on the same rail. you really don't know. i saw some saran wraps, some hoppy footjams, tailwhips here and there.... god i don't know, i'm getting bored just writing this, sorry if you've read it up to this point.

most importantly, here's some pictures so you don't have to read.

  • Team Dilly riders reed and Z found mini mario at the park and he was kind enough to pose for me.
  • Seth did a bike to bike transfer. but he didn't pull it, and i didn't get the picture. perfect.
  • Redbull donated 3 cases of that nonsense to the cause, and people were pleased. including Z and eyesore (who did a 360 to smith in his run. clean).
  • Benny P and Phlandus were there.
  • We found some random black dude from the street to announce, he did a good job.
  • There was a hotdog filming, fortunately kevin delaney was no where to be found. although we did see his doppleganger.
  • i think this may have been a redheaded step child. or a lawn gnome. either way it was running around the contest all day, dancing or just creepin. he was really pale too.
  • Dustin Griess did a hundred tailwhips and then left early to go correct some homework.
  • In the end we couldn't decide who should win, so a few of us picked the top five riders and had them stand up and have everyone who wanted to vote for them line up behind them. It reminded me of survivor. In the end AJ had the most votes; and i think Pirate came in second. So AJ and his team won 200 bucks to split between them.
  • tristan knocked himself out (i think) during his run, but finished it anyway. half way through his run people seemed to start noticing this.
I think that's all i got for now, oh and googen was feeling like shit on the way home; he currently has a fever of 104. stuck around the whole contest freezing his ass off. what a trooper. and also taco johns = instant shits. i barely made it home. thanks again to brandon for driving and renegade/kurt hotdog for having the contest (even though the riders kinda took over and ran it).


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